Sign re-brand fleet of vehicles for I.T. business


Prodigy PC approached us to modernise the look of their emergency call out van fleet and also to apply the same treatment to their roadside signs and office sign. They needed us to produce and apply 3 sets of vinyl vehicle graphics, an A-board type sign in addition to a wall mounted bracket swing sign.

Sign Graphics – Modernise existing company logo

We started with their old logo in a Jpeg format and utilsing various professional software applications, gave the logo a fresh new look with really eye catching results.

Sign Materials – Body wrap, chrome, black and cyan coloured vinyl

We used both standard 5 year vinyl and also 7 year bodywrap vinyl which allowed us to enlarge the design over complex body panels and windows without the danger of the vinyl peeling away over time. We also used a mirror chrome vinyl on the companion office sign and the road signs to make the logo really stand out.

Sign Installation – Application of all vehicle signage

Each vehicle took approximately 1 working day to complete. This included cleaning off old vinyls and removing the adhesives. Preparing the body work with a number of degreasents and applying the vinyls, layer by layer to achieve an impressive end result. The same techniques were used for the office swing sign and road side A-Board sign. To ensure no air bubbles were left under the vinyl, we used application fluids and appropriate sign making tools to achieve a blemish free finish. The result – A really modern, eye catching sign design showing the quality of the business services provided by our client.