Reflective vinyl text for fleet of lorries

Example of front reflective truck sign


We provided reflective branding truck signs on new additions to a growing vehicle fleet. This customer asked us to make their signage visible both day and night, as their vehicles are often in use during the evening and returning from on-site visits after dark. We needed to modify the original design slightly, to make it clearer, in order for the reflective qualities of the material to stand out.

Handling the reflective vinyl

The reflective vinyl is only suitable for use on flat surfaces.  It can become brittle and crack over time, so to avoid this, we design the artwork to fit within the flat spaces.  Application is the same as with any vinyl and the product comes in different ‘life’ grades.  We used the 7 year vinyl for this customer and are confident that the vinyl will outlive this life span as the vehicles are well looked after.

On-site sign application

As these vehicles are frequently in use, we were able to apply the graphics at a time to suit the client, by installing the graphics on-site, at their yard.  They were able to clean down the vehicles as we arrived, enabling us to apply the graphics quickly, before the lorries were dispatched for their next jobs. For this customer we provide on-site application which is offered for local business, but costs more than application at our own premises.

The final result, lorry graphics visible, day and night!